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Tomorrow is what i feel like will be the biggest match-up of the 2011 D1 College Cup. The No. 1 Stanford Cardinals (22-0-1) will host No. 4 Oklahoma State Cowgirls (22-1-2). Both teams have an outstanding senior class, and have a powerful offense and defense. Oklahoma State, the No. 2 seed in its 16-team quad, advanced by beating Arkansas-Pine Bluff, 9-1, Illinois, 1-0, and Maryland, 1-0. Maryland tied Stanford earlier this season, 0-0.This is the first meeting between Stanford and OSU. Two common 2011 opponents: Maryland and USC. Stanford tied Maryland and beat USC. OSU beat both.

As a fan of Texas A&M, i will never support OSU. But i could also never deny the strength they have shown this season. I do feel though, that this is the year for the Card. We’ll see tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. PT!

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